Online career guidance and training with Lucy Hawkins

What’s new?

Online booking

You can now book free initial calls, and book and pay for individual careers appointments online, in what *should* be a slick new system.

Mini-course in career decision making and schools resources

During lockdown I spent my days doing childcare, and my evenings and weekends completing a six month contract for the University of London. I was first working out ‘gaps’ in online careers resources for schools, and then designing content to meet the need.

This resulted in a webpage for schools and colleges, complete with a six-part mini-course in career decision-making. The content is suitable for all, and I’m proud that it’s grounded in research, and doing something a bit new.

What’s next?

The ‘What’s next?’ careers course is migrating to a virtual version, with redesigned elements for the current labour market. Subscribe to hear by email when it releases!

I’m also considering some standalone career workshops alongside the course. What kind of careers workshop would you find most helpful right now?